Each weekday, I wake at 5:34.  I shower.  I kiss my wife.  I dress.  I kiss my son.  I put on breakfast.  I wake the girls and kiss them too.  We eat.  We rush.  I’m late.  I’m sad to go.

It takes me fifty-five minutes to get to work – every morning.  I check my box and my e-mails.  I check in with the boss.  I run outside to collect my class.  They look tired.  I understand.  We talk and we laugh.  We struggle to make sense of things.  Pedro gets frustrated then angry.  Omar acts the fool.  Armando is brilliant.  Darlene is happy most of the time.  She never fails to hug me.  I like that about her.  She adds more value to my life than I’m afraid she’ll ever understand.   Continue reading